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DIN Rail Mounting Clips (DINM12/13/15V2)


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(rail not included)
  • Sturdy and Versatile
  • Clips onto 35mm DIN rail
  • Three different sizes available

See Also: DIN Rail, DINM01 DIN Mount Clips

General Description

These sturdy DIN rail mounting brackets come in handy for a wide variety of projects where standard DIN rail is used for mounting devices. The flat mounting surface and a total of five mounting holes make this clip versatile for mounting devices that do not have their own DIN rail mounting clip. All of these clips are for standard 35mm DIN rail, and work with rail depths of 7.5mm or greater. These clips are sometimes known as DIN rail mounting plates.

These clips are very easily attached and detached from the DIN rail. When on the rail, the clip "grips" the rail on both the top and bottom lips of the rail. The "fixed" (not spring-loaded) tab of the clip should go on the top so that it bears the load. The spring-loaded tab should go on the bottom. To remove the DIN clip from the rail, simply push upwards on the DIN clip (thereby compressing the springs in the bottom), pivot the top of the clip off of the rail, and then move the whole clip down to also release the bottom of the clip. No screwdrivers or special tools are required.

This style of clips come in three different sizes. Please see datasheets below for dimensions.

We also offer another style of narrower, taller clips as part number DINM01.

Mounting Hardware

The screw holes in this clip are non-threaded, nor are they intended to be threaded into. Intended usage is for the screw to pass through the clip and thread into the device being mounted. The holes allow up to a #8 machine screw or a #6 sheet metal screw to pass through (a #8 sheet metal screw will NOT pass cleanly through the holes, although a #8 machine screw does fit). Note that the surface of the device being mounted to the DIN clip should be flat and cover the DIN clip in order to keep the springs and latch portion of the clip securely in place.

Winford Engineering offers mounting screws, washers, and nuts for use with this clip. This hardware is RoHS Compliant and affordably priced. See the Pricing and Ordering tables below for hardware pricing and options.



Note: DINM15V2-RC supersedes the part number DINM15-RC.

Pricing and Ordering

Product # Description Quantity Pricing RoHS Buy Now
1+ 10+ 100+
DINM12-RC DIN Rail Mounting Clip, Black, 20mm width, RoHS $1.75 $1.70 $1.60 Yes
DINM13-RC DIN Rail Mounting Clip, Black, 35mm width, RoHS $1.80 $1.75 $1.65 Yes
DINM15V2-RC DIN Rail Mounting Clip, Black, 48mm width, RoHS $1.89 $1.85 $1.75 Yes

Mounting Hardware

Mounting hardware compatible with these clips. 7/16" or 1/2" screw length recommended for mounting to 0.062" panel or PCBs using nuts.
Product # Description Quantity Pricing RoHS Buy Now
1+ 5+ 10+ 25+
SCMAFP-6-A-0.375-100 Screw, Machine, Flat Head, Phillips, 82 deg Taper, #6-32, 3/8" Length, Bag of 100 $3.80 $3.40 $2.90 $2.60 Yes
SCMAFP-6-A-0.4375-100 Screw, Machine, Flat Head, Phillips, 82 deg Taper, #6-32, 7/16" Length, Bag of 100 $6.00 $5.60 $5.10 $4.80 Yes
SCMAFP-6-A-0.5-100 Screw, Machine, Flat Head, Phillips, 82 deg Taper, #6-32, 1/2" Length, Bag of 100 $3.80 $3.40 $2.90 $2.60 Yes
SWLI-6-A-100 Washer, #6, Lock, Internal Tooth, Bag of 100 $3.60 $3.10 $2.60 $2.30 Yes
SN-6-32-A-100 #6-32 Hex Nut, Bag of 100 $3.70 $3.20 $2.70 $2.40 Yes

All of the above items are normally stocked. Please call us if you need to verify availability for a specific quantity, or for pricing at higher quantities. Please visit our ordering page for our ordering policies and a list of ordering methods.
What is RoHS? If you need a RoHS version of a non-RoHS product, please contact us.

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